Bar Mat (Versa Mat) 12″x12″


Ideal for bars, sinks, refrigerators, and prep stations, this matting allows for optimum airflow for quick, sanitary drying. Thanks to its interlocking design, this bar matting can be reconfigured in a variety of ways to suit your establishment’s unique needs, and it can even be cut to accommodate corners, curves, and other obstacles.

Made of lightweight plastic, this matting is easy to transport, store and wash. Perfect for restaurants, bars, nightclubs and catering services, this matting can help to ensure that your glasses are being dried in a way that prevents bacteria growth while ensuring proper drying of the entire glass. Use them in the sink to provide a cushion for glasses as they are being rinsed and washed, or use them in the walk-in cooler to ensure moisture is kept away from food.

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Overall Dimensions:
Length: 12″
Width: 12″

Weight 0.68 lbs
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