Triple Glass Washer Brush Set


Great for cleaning glasses prior to running them through the dishwasher, this manual triple bar glass washer takes a dedicated approach to removing tough soils, lipstick, and fruit pulp from glassware.

Its base acts as a suction cup to most surfaces, allowing for quick and hassle-free scrubbing.

With 3 brushes, you can clean multiple glasses within a matter of minutes by simply twisting each glass over the brush.

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  • Base acts as suction cup to surface
  • Heavy-duty, long-lasting nylon bristles promote thorough cleaning
  • Screw-in removable brushes for easy replacement
  • Rigid, lightweight design and dishwasher safe brushes
  • Removes tough soils, stuck-on lipstick, and built-up fruit pulp
Weight 1 lbs
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