Waiter Corkscrew – Double Hinged


Whether your servers carry it for table service or your bartenders keep it behind the bar, this corkscrew is ready for heavy-duty use! It’s made of durable stainless steel so it will prove long lasting in your establishment, while its metal handle provides a sleek look. This two-in-one utensil boasts both a corkscrew and stainless steel knife in one convenient and compact tool.

This corkscrew also features a two-step design that makes removing corks easy and mess-free. Simply screw the worm into the cork to secure the corkscrew and then, placing the first, smaller boot lever notch on the lip of the bottle, hold it in place and lever the handle to pull the cork about half way out of the bottle. Move the second boot lever notch to the lip of the bottle and pull the cork the rest of the way out.

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  • Features an attractive, sleek shape and durable black metal handle
  • Double boot-lever notches provide a sturdy edge to easily extract corks
  • Two-step design allows for streamlined use and minimizes messes
  • Includes a retractable, stainless steel, serrated knife to effortlessly cut through foil
  • Perfect for restaurants, wineries, and catered events


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